Social & Political Protest Posters

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Hardcover, 8.5" x 11.75", 3.57lb, 240 pages, ISBN 9781932026924

Winning Entrants: This book presents powerful social and political statements from international award-winning designers Takashi Akiyama (JP), Andrea Castelletti (IT), Pascal Colrat (FR), Paul Garbett (AU), Milton Glaser (US), Mark Gowing (AU), Götz Gramlich (DE), Toshiaki & Hisa Ide (US), Scott Laserow (US), Boris Ljubicic (HR), Armando Milani (IT), Brad Norr (US), Finn Nygaard (DK), Harry Pearce (UK), Pete Rossi (UK), Ryan Russell (US), Jan Sabach (US), Hajime Tsushima (JP), and many others.

Contents: The subjects confronted are anti-war, anti-violence, the environment, human rights, and of course politics. The book contains statements with extraordinary foresight from some of our founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, as well as profound statements from various outspoken public figures, politicians, and military leaders who have deeply influenced the world.

Credits & Commentary: This section reveals the process behind the designers’ work, as well as the passion that drove them to create powerful statements challenging the problems that frustrated them the most.

Selling Points: Strong commentary on a diverse series of global issues that pervade the world today. The posters shed light on the world’s most timely and impactful social and political issues, most of which will resonate for years to come unless they are resolved.

Audience: The book offers insight from passionate designers who make critical statements about many social and political problems, most of which will be relevant among the public of every nation for generations.