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Hardcover, 8.5" x 11.75", 3.64lb, 256 pages, ISBN 9781954632332
Digital version available in June 2024
Print version available in October 2024

Graphis Poster 2025:
The World's Best Poster Design

Discover the influential power of poster design with the exclusive Graphis Poster 2025 Annual. This volume spans over 500 remarkable posters and celebrates today's top international designers shaping poster art. Presenting award-winning posters that capture cultures, themes, ideas, and movements in a single frame—this is an invaluable source of inspiration for designers, creative teams, and art enthusiasts.

Discover the Pinnacle of Poster Creativity

This exclusive tabletop book is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the unparalleled creativity and innovation behind the world's best poster designs.

Celebrate the Talents
This annual edition highlights the remarkable work of international designers who have pushed the boundaries of poster design. Featuring:
- 12 Platinum Awards 
- 100 Gold Awards
- 418 Silver Awards
- 90 Honorable Mentions

Meet the creative minds behind the winning entries, including renowned studios and designers such as Atelier Bundi AG, CollierGraphica, Dankook University, dGwaltneyArt, Freaner Creative, Gallery BI, João Machado Design, Katarzyna Zapart, Melchior Imboden, Skolos-Wedell, The Union Design Company, and THERE IS STUDIO.

Expertly Juried by Industry Leaders
A panel of esteemed poster designers meticulously judged the entries:
- Liz English
- Paul Garbett
- Brad Hochberg
- Sven Lindhorst-Emme
- DaeKi Shim
- HyoJun Shim

Rich Content and Insight
Explore the stories behind the designs with insightful commentary from Platinum and Gold-winning talents, who share their creative processes and the inspiration behind their award-winning work. 
This beautiful hardcover book is a visual feast, showcasing full-page, full-color images of Platinum-winning designs alongside Gold and Silver winners. With Honorable Mentions listed, every piece of exceptional work is celebrated.

Perfect for a Wide Audience

Whether you are a professional poster designer, a creative director, a design student, or someone who appreciates great poster design, the Graphis Poster 2025 Annual is an invaluable resource. It provides endless inspiration and insight into the world of innovative design.

Digital Edition

When you purchase the print edition of the Graphis Poster 2025 Annual, you also receive a digital copy, available now on our website. 

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Add the Graphis Poster 2025 Annual to your collection and immerse yourself in the pinnacle of contemporary poster design. This exquisite volume is a must-have for anyone who values the power of visual communication and cutting-edge creativity, including designers, art enthusiasts, and anyone with a passion for exceptional poster art.