Poster 2021

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Hardcover, 8.5" x 11.75", 3.57lb, 240 pages, ISBN 9781931241915

Winning Entrants: Presenting Platinum winners Ariane Spanier and Fons Hickmann from Germany, FX Networks and Landor from the US, Hoon-Dong Chung from Korea, Hajime Tsushima and OGAWAYOUHEI Design from Japan, Marcos Minini from Brazil, Underline Studio from Canada, and Young Huale from China.

Judges: A highly qualified panel of designers such as Jisuke Matsuda (Atelier Jisuke) from Japan, Mann Lao (Chiii Design) from China, Marcos Minini from Brazil, Pekka Loiri from Finland, and Spencer Till (Lewis Communications) and Thomas Wilder (Collins) from the US. Contents: This book contains award-winning work from the judges, as well as international Platinum, Gold, and Silver-winning work. Honorable Mentions are presented, and a list of international poster museums are included.

Credits and Commentary: Platinum and Gold Winners share their creative processes from the Assignment to the Approach, to the Results. All contributors and teams are credited.

Selling Points: This Annual is a source of inspiration and a tool for designers to measure their skills with other creatives internationally. It contains high-quality, full-page images of Platinum & Gold Award-winning work from talented poster designers. Silver Award-winning work and Honorable Mentions are also displayed.

Audience: This book is a valuable resource for designers, art/creative directors, illustrators, design firms, advertising agencies, professors, students, and anyone who shares a love for poster design.