Poster 2015 - Digital Version

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This book is a collection of the year' best work from some of the world' top poster designers. We start by featuring a commentary with Bettina Richter, curator at the Museum fŸr Gestaltung in ZŸrich, who oversees the management and selection of the most extensive poster collection in Switzerland. Graphis awarded 9 Platinums, 39 Golds, 38 Silvers and 44 Merits, totaling 130 medalists. Medalists include João Machado, Fons Hickmann, Toshiaki & Hisa Ide, Sarah Castelblanco, Danny Warner, Stephan Bundi, Melissa Baillache, Chikako Oguma, Skolos-Wedell, Toyotsugu Itoh, Michael Vanderbyl, Raymond Tam, Gottschalk + Ash and John Peed, among many others. Each winner receives a full-page presentation of their work, along with a list of all the entrants. Up to 900 submissions were received and a majority of this work will be archived permanently on our website, all receiving an equal presentation. Anyone' work can be filtered from the international best, climbing further towards the top and ranking higher as you progress through your Region, Country, State or Province. Graphis is pleased to celebrate these talented designers.