Photography 2014 - Digital Version

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This book features an interview with photographer Caroline Knopf, a former stylist with great taste, discussing her transition to photography and the fine art-based influences behind her work. This year, Graphis awarded 11 Platinums, 54 Golds and 64 Silvers, totaling 129 medalists. Close to 300 submissions in this book will be archived permanently on our website, which can be further accessed by Region or Country, State or Province. This will bring everyone included a continued rise in the hierarchy of the show. We present winners with a full-page presentation and Credits and Commentary in the book as well as on the website. Medalists include Henry Leutwyler, Mark Stetler, Sandro, Phil Marco, Kristofer Dan-Bergman, Parish Kohanim, Art Wolfe, Erik Almas, Tatijana Shoan, Ramon Vaquero, Raymundo Garza, Laurie Frankel, Jonathan Knowles, Parish Kohanim, Felix Kim, Laurie Frankel, Craig Cutler, Colin Faulkner, Timothy Hogan, Frank P. Wartenberg, Peter Whyte, Deb Jansen and Robert Tardio.