Journal 377

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10 PepsiCo Design & Innovation (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Rick Kessinger
“Mauro has built a culture at PepsiCo that gets to the heart of innovation by keeping people at the center of design processes.” —Lars Schmidt, Founder, Amplify

24 Marlena Buczek Smith (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Taber Calderon
“Marlena Buczek Smith utilizes the medium of a poster as an excellent communication space with a great range of possibilities. For her, drawing is a tool of non-verbal communication, which is necessary to make our existence and culture a complete whole.” —Lenka Sýkorová, Co-author & Curator of Virtual Biennale Prague

38 Jessica Walsh, &Walsh / USA Intro by Michael Kushner
“Jessica Walsh represents the new wave of intersectional feminism and how these values and principles can be applied to design. I look forward to the day we are able to collaborate.” —Blair Imani, Author, Historian, & Activist

52 Fallon (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Kathy Collins
“Kelsey has a rare, innate ability to translate visuals from her most cherished old films, art, and albums for modern eyes and ears. You can feel what she loves through everything she makes.” —Christine Taffe, Senior Writer, Orchard Creative

68 Michael Winokur / USA Intro by Kevin Stokes
“This talented master of light and form, who delivers impeccably clean images, is a delight on set. His professionalism is as strong as his humor, making shoots stress-free and fun.” —Charli Ornett, Creative Director, Yoga Journal

80 Darnell McCown / USA
Intro by Jill Burgum

“I have had the pleasure of working with Darnell McCown for 15 years. His artistic presentations and dedication to perfection are second to none. He is indeed a master at showing fine timepieces in the best light possible.” —Jim Wolf, Director of Fine Timepieces, Heritage Auctions


94 The Balbusso Twins / Italy Intro by Josh O’Neill
“The sisters are truly a dynamic duo. Their work is so original, smart and impeccably crafted it boggles the mind that it is the singular vision of two gifted visionaries.” —DJ Stout, Partner, Principal & Art Director, Pentagram

110 Lillium Jet by Lillium Air Mobility Written by Holly McWhorter
114 Sinus Flex Glider by Pipistrel Written by Holly McWhorter
116 W16 Mistral by Bugatti Written by Maxim Sorokopud
118 Ao ik :work by Cake Written by Maxim Sorokopud

122 520 West 28th by Zaha Hadid Architects Written by Maxim Sorokopud
124 Chicon House by ICON Written by Holly McWhorter

128 Richard Wilde, School of Visual Arts / USA Intro by Viktor Koen

“The pure joy Richard took in cultivating and celebrating his students’ work and accomplishments was boundless and infectious and is what made good students (and good teachers) great.” —Peter Ahlberg, Principal, AHL&CO, & Professor, BFA Design, School of Visual Arts

Cover Image: Lifewtr: Jason Woodside and PepsiCo Design & Innovation, 2017