Journal 376

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Softcover, 8.25" x 11.75", 1.7lb, 144 pages, ISBN 9781954632196

Design looks at the innovative fusion of typography and photography with Carmit Makler Haller (USA) and the profound poster art of Peter Bankov (CZ). Discover the creativity of Leroy & Rose (USA), which is making waves in Los Angeles with its film work.

Advertising highlights the 35-year legacy of DeVito/Verdi (USA), a testament to enduring creativity and impactful campaigns.

Photography brings you the artistic eye of Hugh Kretschmer (USA), whose compositions transcend photography to become fine art, and Trevett McCandliss (USA), who masterfully combines fashion photography with editorial design.

Art/Illustration introduces Paul Garland (UK), a resilient illustrator whose bold and colorful work captivates and inspires.

Product transportation innovations include sleek, eco-friendly automobiles like NIO's EP9 and the adorable Microlino by Micro Mobility Systems. Take to the skies with the aerodynamically designed VL3 aircraft by JMB Aircraft, or marvel at the practical innovation behind HOP Design's Font Adaptive Cutlery.

Architecture showcases the cost-effective yet stylish getaway by Studio Puisto (FI) alongside the luxury and tranquility of Tommie Wilhelmsen's Søgne Cabin, a haven with serene ocean views.

Education pays homage to Richard Wilde, a design education legend whose 50-year tenure at SVA has been nothing short of historic. This issue begins a two-part series celebrating his influential career and contributions to nurturing new talent.

Graphis Journal Issue #376 is more than a magazine; it's an inspiration-packed journey showcasing the individuals and projects at the forefront of creative innovation. Each page is filled with insights and stories behind the mastery of these celebrated professionals shaping our visual world.

Cover Image: "Macbeth" Design by Carmit Haller