Journal 374 - Digital Version


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10 Studio Eduardo Aires (Graphis Master) / Portugal Intro by Mirko Borsche
“It’s a feast for the eyes to look at the work of Eduardo and his studio. They have a fine sense of typography, size, and colors, composed with a poetic and thoughtful hand. Bravo!” —Julian Zimmermann, Graphic Designer & Founder, Deutsche & Japaner

22 Rhubarb (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Dmitriy Glazyrin
“Rhubard has a way of seeing things that make working with them always so inspiring. From their passionate drive to their witty sense of humor, I always look forward to seeing what they do next.” —Laura Strohbusch, Freelance Graphic Designer & Art Director

38 Partners + Napier / USA Intro by Gary Greenberg
“Partners + Napier has helped elevate our brand and make our messages memorable and breakthrough. Their insightful media placement makes our messages work harder and smarter for us, maximizing our buy.” —Tim Sumption, Senior Director of Creative Services, MDLive

50 Torkil Gudnason (Graphis Master) / Denmark, USA Intro by Matthias Kliefoth
“He coaxes out fresh, unexpected dimensions. There is a delirious and intoxicating undercurrent beneath the pure, angular surfaces, a magical something that transform his images into experiences.” —Nicole Phillips Boyle, Director, Fahey/Klein Gallery

64 Bruce DeBoer (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Peter Winnecke
“I’ve always admired his work for a long time, and I’m constantly impressed with his approaches to composition and lighting. From conceptual to environmental, his photos really stand out and inspire me.” —Andy Goodwin, Photographer, A. Goodwin Photo

78 Jim Norton / Canada Intro by Rob Fiocca
“Jim Norton’s work has always stood out to me for the way they can make you feel the scene he has captured, with rich, glowing images dripping with mood.” —David De Stefano, Photographer & Director, Uno Photodesign

90 Mark Hess (Graphis Master) / USA
“Mark Hess’s journey from art student to master artist and illustrator is an inspiring, warm tribute to the apprentice tradition. It’s a tradition of mastery that’s apparent in every beautiful impression by Mark.” —Michael Pantuso, Graphic Designer & Graphis Master, Michael Pantuso Design

104 AirYacht by AirYacht 
Article by Holly McWhorter
106 BeTriton by Zeltini Design Article by Holly McWhorter

110 Superhouse by Ström Architects 
Article by Holly McWhorter
112 Casita Tiny House by Boxabl Article by Holly McWhorter

116 Hank Richardson, M.AD School of Ideas Atlanta (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Abigail Jackson
“With his passion for teaching and love of design, Hank introduces his students to an entire world of thinking and opportunities previously unknown—and I don’t know of a better gift to give than that.” —Rowan Griscom, Designer, Loeffler Randall, NY, former student

Cover Image: Titled "Beautiful Lady" by painter Mark Hess