Journal 372

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Softcover, 8.25" x 11.75", 1.7lb, 144 pages, ISBN 9781954632073

10 Pekka Loiri (Graphis Master) / Finland Intro by Kari Piippo
"Pekka's striking designs are clever, bold, and have a child-like simplicity that can only be the product of a rare intelligence and a superb graphic sensibility." —Brad Holland, Artist & Writer

24 Scott Laserow / USA Intro by Joe Scorsone
"I do believe that our world would be a fantastic place if we could have some people like Scott Laserow." —Elham Hemmat, Graphic Designer & Visual Artist, Elham Hemmat Studios

40 SJI Associates / USA Intro by Brian Everett
"Working with SJI is more than a strategic, creative partnership. It’s working with people who really care about what they do and the people they work with." —Derrick Chamlee, Creative Director, PBS Creative Services

56 Tim Flach, (Graphis Master) / UK Intro by Eric Himmel
"Tim directly engages the public through the beauty of his photography, powerfully highlighting important issues around conservation and the need to protect nature." —Dr. Michael Pritchard, Director of Programs, Royal Photographic Society

72 Robert Tardio, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Mary Dail
"​​To spend a day with Robert, working together to create amazing images is, quite frankly, the best part of my job." —Mike Hoffman, Associate Creative Director, Bose

86 Marshall Arisman, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Jerelle Kraus
"As my instructor, mentor, and friend, Marshall had a great impact on my life and career. I am grateful. Thank you, Marshall, for giving me the opportunity to work with you." —Frank DeVino, Creative Director, Frank Devino Design Inc.

100 Martin Haakon Gran, Snohetta, Part 2, (Graphis Master) / Norway
"Martin Gran is an experienced communicator, with a unique knowledge of leadership, sociology, and psychology. His ability to unite different subjects and disciplines is his greatest strength." —Morten Throndsen, Designer, Stromme Throndsen Design

116 Mark T. Smith, Miami Ad School, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Richard Solomon
"Mark T. Smith is our modern-day Leonardo da Vinci in living color; Mark’s distinctive paintings & classic drawing style are a master class in exciting graphic storytelling." —Norma Krieger, Curator, Krieger Creative Group

Cover Image: "Gouldian Finch" Photographed by Tim Flach