Journal 367

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Softcover, 8.25" x 11.75", 1.7lb, 144 pages, ISBN 9781931241908

10 Michael Osborne, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Primo Angeli
"When Michael wants to do something, he approaches it with his entire heart and soul, never stopping 'til the vision is realized. His work - thoughtful, pure, and powerful - will stand the test of time." —Mary Scott, Chair, School of Graphic Design

24 Underline Studio / Canada Intro by Doug Dolan
"Underline does what we all wish we could do - design that’s smart, restrained, and beautiful. They draw from history without repeating it. They modernize without seeming trendy." —Leo Jung, Creative Director, California Sunday Magazine

38 Uwe Loesch, (Graphis Master) / Germany Intro by Alain Le Quernec
"Uwe Loesch is the first German graphic artist to make the boundaries between art and design, between politics and comedy, and maybe even between right and left disappear." —Fons Hickmann, Graphic Designer & Agi Member, Fons Hickman m23 (Graphis Master)

50 John Fairley, Curious Productions / UK Intro by Deborah Goldweis
"I'm a big admirer of John's graphic design. Everything he touches is always impeccable with beautiful, well-considered typography and art direction." —Mark Denton, Art Director, Coy! Communications

64 Athena Azevedo, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Toshiaki and Hisa Ide (Graphis Masters)
"She is one of my favorite photographers to work with. She understands light, composition, and has the ability to capture the emotions of subjects better than any photographer I've ever known." —Sandy Armeni, Fashion Director, Harper's Bazaar Greece

78 Vincent Junier / France Intro by Laure Bouvet
"Vincent has married the quirky sense of humor in his playful sculptures with his still lives. His clever sense of composition, color, and his technical prowess, elevate his photography to the highest level." —Adam Savitch, Photographer

90 John Mattos, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Charles E. White III
"John does not do ordinary. He does monumental, unforgettable, heroic, dramatic, larger-than-life images that demand attention." —Kit Hinrichs, Principal & Creative Director, Studio Hinrichs (Graphis Master)

122 Mel White, Syracuse University, The Newhouse School, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by James Tsao
"Successful advertising requires two things, the familiar and the surprising. Mel's students accomplish that and more. Their work has intelligence, clarity, and wit. Her students have a bright future." —Adrian Pulfer, Platinum-winning Professor at Brigham Young University (Graphis Master)

Cover Image: "Bobby Roaché Design" Photo by Athena Azevedo