Journal 366

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Softcover, 8.25" x 11.75", 1.7lb, 144 pages, ISBN 9781931241892

10 Kit Hinrichs, (Graphis Master) / USA
Intro by Richard Danne (Graphis Master)
"Kit commands the page with his trademark information cocktail—A veritable master class of imagery, typography, hierarchy, and space. His work is every bit as intelligent, witty, and welcoming as he is." —Craig Frazier, Illustrator (Graphis Master)

26 Diogo Gama Rocha, Omdesign / Portugal Intro by Gaspar Martins Pereira
"Omdesign has a very consistent body of work and quite an impressive number of distinctions. Their know-how is indisputable and clearly visible in the many finely crafted objects they design." —Eduardo Aires, Founder & Principal, Studio Eduardo Aires

38 Fa Hsiang Hu, HuFax Arts / Taiwan Intro by Mary Tian
"Years of experience makes him the most effective communicator in graphic design. His series of phonetic symbols have become his id. He is very humorous and funny, but his works are serious." —Civi Cheng, Associate Professor of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

50 Traction Factory / USA Intro by Yvette Morrison
"Traction Factory’s creativity invents, takes risks, breaks rules and makes a difference. Their creativity has changed the impact on our fight against ALS." —Melanie M. Roach-Bekos, Executive Director- ALSA Wisconsin

64 John Madere, (Graphis Master) / USA Intros by Debbie Millman and Lynda Decker
"You will marvel at the painterly light, dimensional storytelling, and timeless design of his work. His generosity & mentorship gave me legs to launch my career. I’m proud to call him my confidant and dear friend." —Mark Seliger, Photographer (Graphis Master)

78 Joseph Saraceno, (Graphis Master) / Canada Intro by Jessica Diaz
"It takes the most creative photographers like Joseph Saraceno, to create an entire world around a perfume bottle.” —Helder Suffenplan, Founder of Scentury Magazine

92 Mark Hess, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Barry Blitt
"Through his paintings, Mark Hess transports us into a world that is both real and surreal. Whether it's through portraiture or concept, his work exhibits the skill, imagination, and taste of a true master." —Joe Ciardiello, Illustrator

120 Frank Anselmo, (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Vinny Tulley
"Frank Anselmo redefined the model of how to educate today's students in embarking on successful lifetime careers. His remarkable legacy is still unfolding."
—Richard Wilde, Former Dean of the School of Visual Arts

Cover Image: “Richard Hess” Illustration by Mark Hess