Issue 98 - Digital Version


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November / December 1961
Cover Image by Heiri Steiner, Zurich

Graphis magazine Issue 98 presents articles on Visuels-A New Series of Scientific Books, written by Frédéric Ditis; The Art Directors Club of New York 40th Exposition of Advertising and Editorial Art 1961, by George Giusti; American Illustrators, by Marvin Rubin; Gifts from an Advertising Agency, by Dr. Willy Rotzler; and Early Writing Masters, by Paul Standard. Artist profiles include Anton Stankowski, written by Frit Seitz; Aldo Calabresi, by Gillo Dorfles; and Louis De Niverville, by J.R. Colombo.

460 Frédéric Ditis, Paris: Visuels. A New Series of Scientific Books
474 George Giusti, New York: The Art Directors Club of New York. 40th Exposition of Advertising and Editorial Art 1961
488 Frit Seitz, Stuttgart: Anton Stankowski
494 Gillo Dorfles, Milano: Aldo Calabresi
500 J.R. Colombo, Toronto: Louis De Niverville
508 Marvin Rubin, Los Angeles: American Illustrators
518 Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zürch: Gifts from an Advertising Angency
522 Paul Standard, New York: Early Writing Masters
542 Bücher-Chronik