Issue 94 - Digital Version


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March / April1961
Cover Image by Franco Gentilini, Roma

Graphis magazine Issue 94 presents the following articles: Advertising for Film and Theatre, written by Dr. Willi Rotzler; An International Survey of the Art of Window Display, by Hans Erhardt; Artist’s Personal Announcements, by Ken Baynes; and Magic Powers of the Picture, by Prof. M.S. Ipsiroglu. Artists profiled include Franco Gentilini, written by Leonardo Sinisgalli; Pierre Courtin, by Yvon Taillandier; George Him, by Charles Rosner; and In Memoriam John Averill, by William B. McDonald.

92 Leonardo Sinisgalli, Roma: Franco Gentilini
100 Dr. Willi Rotzler, Zurich: Advertising for Film and Theatre
118 Yvon Taillandier, Paris: Pierre Courtin
122 Hans Erhardt, Zurich: An International Survey of the Art of Window Display
140 Ken Baynes, Zurich: Artist’s Personal Announcements
146 Charles Rosner, London: George Him
156 William B. McDonald, London: In Memoriam John Averill
158 Prof. M.S. Ipsiroglu, Istanbul: Magic Powers of the Picture
171 Bucher-Chronik
Cover: Franco Gentilini, Roma