Issue 90 - Digital Version


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July / August 1960
Cover Image by Coll.E.Erickson, New York

The 90th issue of Graphis magazine features the following articles: Picture-Books of Our Day, written by Bettina Hurlimann; Advertising and Editorial Art in Austria, by Prof. Hans Fabigan; Jose Luis Cuevas: Kafka, by Jose Gomez-Sicre; Advertising Art in Australia, by R. Haughton James; Advertising Art for Australia Abroad, by Charles Rosner; Lora Lamm, by Gillo Dorfles; and Coptic Textiles from Burial Grounds in Egypt, by Armin Kesser.

282 Bettina Hurlimann, Zurich: Picture-Books of Our Day
300 Prof. Hans Fabigan, Wien:Advertising and Editorial Art in Austria
310 Jose Gomez-Sicre, Washington: Jose Luis Cuevas: Kafka
318 R. Haughton James, Melbourne: Advertising Art in Australia
326 Charles Rosner, London:Advertising Art for Australia Abroad
330 Gillo Dorfles, Milano: Lora Lamm
336 Armin Kesser, Zurich: Coptic Textiles from Burial Grounds in Egypt