Issue 85 - Digital Version


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September / October 1959
Cover Image by Hans Hartmann, Bern

The 85th issue of Graphis magazine presents articles on The Means and Ends of Package Designing, written by Will Burtin; The Typography of Order, by Emil Ruder; and Tobacco Promotion – past and present, by H. Aschenbrenner. Additionally, artists profiled include Henry Moore: The Recent Sketchbooks, written by Robert Melville; Wojciech Zamecznik, by Dr. Jan Bialostocki; and Sandro Bocola, by Kate Bauer.


382 Robert Melville (London): Henry Moore. The Recent Sketchbooks

392 Will Burtin (New York): The Means and Ends of Package Designing

404 Emil Ruder (Basel): The Typography of Order

414 H. Aschenbrenner (Darmstadt): Tobacco Promotion – past and present

444 Dr. Jan Bialostocki (Warschau): Wojciech Zamecznik

452 Kate Bauer (Paris): Sandro Bocola

464 Book Review/Bucher - Chronik