Issue 83 - Digital Version


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May / June 1959
Cover Image by Eugenio Carmi, Genova

Issue 83 of Graphis magazine includes articles on London Transport-The Posters of a Public Service, written by Richard Guyatt; AGIP: An Italian Enterprise advertises, by Vincenzo Lacorazza; Early Art of Mexico, by Armin Kesser; Books of the Year, by Kim Taylor; The Modern Paperback, by Kim Taylor; Martz + Buhlmann, by Paul Rutti-Morand; and Egyptian Children’s Tapestries, by B. von Grunigen. Artist profiles include Irv Koons, by Leah Fay; Francis Deransart: Shadow Play, by Francois Stahly; and Hermann Virl, by Franz Hermann Wills.


194 Richard Guyatt (London): London Transport. The Posters of a Public Service

202 Vincenzo Lacorazza (Roma): AGIP. An Italian Enterprise advertises

210 Armin Kesser (Zurich): Early Art of Mexico

226 Kim Taylor (Zurich): Books of the Year

238 Kim Taylor (Zurich): The Modern Paperback

244 Paul Rutti-Morand (Zurich): Martz + Buhlmann

250 B. von Grunigen (Basel): Egyptian Children’s Tapestries

258 Leah Fay (New York): Irv Koons

262 Francois Stahly (Paris): Francis Deransart. Shadow Play

266 Franz Hermann Wills (Berlin): Hermann Virl

274 Book Review/Bucher-Chronik