Issue 81 - Digital Version


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January / February 1959
Cover Image by Jack Wolfgang Beck, New York

Issue 81 of Graphis magazine presents the following articles: Design in Finland, written by Dr. Willy Rotzler; Graphic Art in Finland, by Paakko Puokka; Art Directors Club of New York-37th Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art, by Victor Trasoff; Atelier Francois Stahly (Paris), by Francois Stahly; The Advertising Agency’s own Advertising, by Victor N. Cohen; Indian Art from the United States, by Francois Claude; and The Development of Writing, by Hans Ed. Meyer. Artist profiles include Piero Della Francesca, written by Prof. Enzo Carli; and Eberhard G. Rensch, by Ivo Frenzel.


10 Dr. Willy Rotzler (Zurich): Design in Finland

18Paakko Puokka (Helsinki): Graphic Art in Finland

26 Prof. Enzo Carli (Siena): Piero Della Francesca

36Victor Trasoff (New York):Art Directors Club of New York. 37th Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art

52 Francois Stahly (Paris): Atelier Francois Stahly (Paris)

60 Victor N. Cohen (Zurich): The Advertising Agency’s own Advertising

74 Ivo Frenzel (Frankfurt a/M.): Eberhard G. Rensch

80Francois Claude (Paris): Indian Art from the United States

86 Hans Ed. Meyer (Zurich): The Development of Writing