Issue 80 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 80, 1958
Cover Image by Ronald Searle, London

The 80th Issue of Graphis magazine includes articles on Ronald Searle, written by Hans Pflug, Zurich; Graphic Art in Italian House Organs, by Leonardo  Sinisgalli; Coventry Cathedral Windows Entrusted to an Art College, by Keith New; A Contribution to the Education of the Commercial Artist, by Armin Hofmann; The Push Pin Studios, by Stanley Robets; Natural and Artistic Forms, by Prof. Dr. Adolf Portmann; New Hungarian Poster Designs, by Ferenc Szamosi; New Trends in Match-Box Label Design, by Winifred Holmes; and a report on The First International Conference on Typography-Silvermine, Connecticut and New York, by Herbert Spencer.


470 Ronald Searle (Hans Pflug, Zurich)

482 Graphic Art in Italian House Organs (Leonardo Sinisgalli, Rome)

500 Coventry Cathedral Windows Entrusted to an Art College (Keith New, London)

504 A Contribution to the Education of the Commercial Artist (Armin Hofmann, Basel)

518 The Push Pin Studios (Stanley Robets, London)

526 Natural and Artistic Forms (Prof. Dr. Adolf Portmann, Basel)

532 New Hungarian Poster Designs (Ferenc Szamosi, Budapest)

536 New Trends in Match-Box Label Design (Winifred Holmes, London)

546 The First International Conference on Typography Silvermine, Conn. and New York (Report by Herbert Spencer, London)

549 Book Review