Issue 77 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 77, 1958
Cover Image A Child's Painting (see p. 182)

Graphis magazine Issue 76 features articles on The Teaching of Painting in Schools, written by Hans-Friedrich Geist; Swiss Posters 1957, by Dr. Willy Rotzler; Swissair, by Charles Rosner; Knoll Associates Inc. New York, by Georgine Oeri; Modern Playing Card Designs, by K.W. Konstam; ands a Bibliography of Books on Art Education. Artists profiled include Antonio Frasconi, written by Kim Taylor; and Karel Kezer, by Michael Haber.


190 The Teaching of Painting in Schools (Hans-Friedrich Geist, Lubeck)

218 Antonio Frasconi (Kim Taylor, Zurich)

232 Swiss Posters, 1957 (Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zurich)

240 Swissair (Charles Rosner, London)

250 Knoll Associates Inc. New York (Georgine Oeri, New York)

256 Karel Kezer (Michael Haber, London)

262 Modern Playing Card Designs (K.W. Konstam, London)

269 Bibliography of Books on Art Education

273 Bucher-Chronik/Chronique de livres