Issue 72 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 72, 1957
Cover Image by Celestino Piatti, Base

Graphis magazine Issue 72 features articles on AGI's third Exhibition, written by Ch. Rosner; Five Swiss Cartoonists, by Manuel Gasser; Lester Rossin Associates New York, by Glory Harris; and The Frescoes of Tavant (France), by Paul H. Michel. Artist profiles include Picasso: 12 X Balzac, written by Manuel Gasser; Hajek-Halke: The Creative Element in Photography, by Dr. Hans Curjel; Kenji Itoh, by Hideo Kobayashi; and Claude Stahly: Original Bindings for the Aime Maeght Collection, by Michel Ragon.


296 AGI has held its third Exhibition (Ch. Rosner)

318 Five Swiss Cartoonists (Manuel Gasser)

330 Picasso: 12 X Balzac (Manuel Gasser)

336 Lester Rossin Associates,New York (Glory Harris)

348 Hajek-Halke. The Creative Element in Photography. (Dr. Hans Curjel)

354 Kenji Itoh (Hideo Kobayashi)

362 Claude Stahly. Original Bindings for the Aime Maeght Collection (Michel Ragon)

364 The Frescoes of Tavant (France) (Paul H. Michel)

371 Book-Review

372 Bucher-Chronik