Issue 70 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 70, 1957
Cover Image by Rudolph de Harak, New York

The 70th issue of Graphis magazine features the following articles: Art Directors Club of New York 34th Annual Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art, written by Charles Rosner; Jelmoli S.A.: A Department Store with World Famous Windows, by Willy Rotzler; St. Raphael-Variations on a Theme, by Denys Chevalier; Zande Popular Art, by Pierre M. Comte; American Annual Reports, by Glory Harris; and Ark & Typos-Two Student Magazines, by Michael Haber. Artist profiles include Arnold Varga: A New Look at Store Advertising, written by Irma Koval; Eric Fraser, by Alec Davis; Louis Danziger, by William B. McDonald; Henri Georges Adam, by Francois Stahly; and Jean-Marie Albagnac-The Painter of the Pear, by Francois Stahly.


104 Art Directors Club of New York. 34th Annual Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art (Charles Rosner)

120 Jelmoli S.A. A Department Store with World Famous Windows (Willy Rotzler)

132 St. Raphael. Variations on a Theme (Denys Chevalier)

136Zande Popular Art (Pierre M. Comte)

138 Arnold Varga. A New Look at Store Advertising (Irma Koval)

142 Eric Fraser (Alec Davis)

148Louis Danziger (William B. McDonald)

154 American Annual Reports (Glory Harris)

160 Ark & Typos. Two Student Magazines (Michael Haber)

166 Henri Georges Adam (Francois Stahly)

170 Jean-Marie Albagnac. The Painter of the Pear (Francois Stahly)

180 Book-Review