Issue 67 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 67, 1956
Cover Image by Umetaro Azechi, Tokyo

In Issue 67 of Graphis magazine, you'll find articles on Sudler & Hennessey Inc., New York-An Art Studio and Advertising Agency, written by L.J. Muller; AGI-Design in Advertising Exhibitions London, by Charles Rosner; Artists' Own Christmas Cards, by C.G. Tomrley; The Art of Ancient Crete, by Dr. Hans Jucker; Early Illustrated Medicine, by Dr. F.W. Rieppel; and Aspen Design Conference 1956: A Report, by Will Burtin. Artist profiles include Steinberg–as an Advertising Artist, written by Manuel Gasser; and Henri Steiner, by R. Martinez.


376 Steinberg – as an Advertising Artist (Manuel Gasser)

386Sudler & Hennessey Inc., New York An Art Studio and Advertising Agency (L.J. Muller)

400 AGI. Design in Advertising Exhibitions, London (Charles Rosner)

408Heiri Steiner (R. Martinez)

418Artists’ Own Christmas Cards (C.G. Tomrley)

430 The Art of Ancient Crete ( Dr. Hans Jucker)

442 Early Illustrated Medicine (Dr. F.W. Rieppel)

366 Aspen Design Conference 1956. A Report (Will Burtin)

464 Book-Review/Bucher-Chronik