Issue 61 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 61, 1955
Cover Image by Yoshio Hayakawa, Osaka

Issue 61 of Graphis magazine features articles on The Beginnings of Landscaping Painting in Italy, written by Prof. Enzo Carli; Christmas and New Year's Greetings, by H.U. Gasser; Illustrations for Children's Books, by Hans-Friedrich Geist; World Geo-Graphic Atlas, by Prof. Dr. E. Imhof & Herbert Bayer; and Serbian Peasant Graves, by Olga Jevric. Artist profiles include Munari, written by Giulia Veronesi; Luciano Baldessari, by Francois Stahly; and Paul Flora, by Manuel Gasser.


378 The Beginnings of Landscaping Painting in Italy (Prof. Enzo Carli)

386 Christmas and New Year’s Greetings (H.U. Gasser)

400 Munari (Giulia Veronesi)

408Illustrations for Children’s Books(Hans-Friedrich Geist)

428World Geo-Graphic Atlas (Prof. Dr. E. Imhof/Herbert Bayer)

434Luciano Baldessari (Francois Stahly)

440 Paul Flora (Manuel Gasser)

444 Serbian Peasant Graves (Olga Jevric)


460 Chronique des livres