Issue 55 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 55, 1954
Cover Image by Hans Fischer, Feldmeilen / Zurich

In the 55th issue of Graphis magazine, you'll find articles on the following: Artists Announce the Stork's Arrival, written by Maria Netter; Atelier 17, by Stanley William Hayter & M. Clarac-Serou; Two Boys visit a Motor Car Factory in Milan, by Leonardo Sinisgalli; Art in American Science Fiction, by Ernst Lehner; Laboratori Crippa e Berger, by Paul Arthur; The University Centre of Caracas, by F. Stahly; and Electronic Abstractions, by Ben F. Laposky. Artist profiles include Yoshio Hayakawa, written by Ryuichi Yamashiro; Jacques Richez, by Maria Netter; Hans Fischer-Murals, by Manuel Gasser; and Harry O. Diamond on cooking, by Philip & Helen Evans Brown.


358Yoshio Hayakawa (Ryuichi Yamashiro)

368 Jacques Richez (Maria Netter)

376Artists Announce the Stork’s Arrival (Maria Netter)

382 Hans Fischer. Murals (Manuel Gasser)

392Atelier 17 (Stanley William Hayter/M. Clarac-Serou)

398Two Boys visit a Motor Car Factory in Milan (Leonardo Sinisgalli)

404 Art in American Science Fiction (Ernst Lehner)

412 Harry O. Diamond on cooking (Philip & Helen Evans Brown)

416 Laboratori Crippa e Berger (Paul Arthur)

420 The University Centre of Caracas (F. Stahly)

426 Electronic Abstractions (Ben F. Laposky)

440 Book-Review /Bucher-Chronik