Issue 50 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 50, 1952
Cover Image by Gottfried Honegger, Zurich

Happy birthday, Graphis! In the 50th issue, the magazine celebrates with the article Graphis Celebrates its Tenth Birthday, written by its publisher and art director W. Herdeg, as well as featuring the following articles: The Restoration of Calligraphy, by Paul Standard; Medieval Yugoslav Frescos, by O. Bihalji-Merin; UPA: A New Dimension for the Comic Strip, by Georgine Oeri; The Earliest Known Colour Posters, by B. Champigneulle; and Original Advertising for a Swiss Village Festival, by Paul Wollenberger. Artist profiles include Riccardo Manzi, written by Leonardo Sinisgalli; Eric Lancaster, by Jean Picart le Doux; and Louis Vivin, by Charles Estienne.


424 Graphis Celebrates its Tent Birthday (W. Herdeg)

428 The Restoration of Calligraphy(Paul Standard)

444 Medieval Yugoslav Frescos (O. Bihalji-Merin)

454 Riccardo Manzi (Leonardo Sinisgalli)

462 Eric Lancaster (Jean Picart le Doux)

470 UPA. A New Dimension for the Comic Strip (Georgine Oeri)

480. Louis Vivin (Charles Estienne)

486The Earliest Known Colour Posters (B. Champigneulle)

490 Original Advertising for a Swiss Village Festival (Paul Wollenberger)

503 Book Review/Bucher-Chronik