Issue 49 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 49, 1953
Cover Image by Hans Hartmann, Berne

Graphis magazine Issue 49 presents the following articles: Mural Paintings of Roman Times, written by Arturo Stenico; Coronation-Occasion and Opportunity in Print, by Charles Rosner; Masterpieces of Chinese Painting, by W. Watson; George Nelson & Associates, by Mildred Constantine; Old New Years Cards, by P. Clemens; Three Italian Books, by Leonardo Sinisgalli; and Wall Paintings by Snake Charmers in Tanganyika, by Maria Netter. Artists profiled include Hans Hartmann, written by Arnold Rudlinger; David Stone Martin, by William B. McDonald; Verner Witting, by Manuel Gasser; and Fernand Leger: Polychromatic Ceramic Sculptures, by F. Stahly.


340 Hans Hartmann (Arnold Rudlinger)

350 Mural Paintings of Roman Times (Arturo Stenico)

356 Coronation. Occasion and Opportunity in Print (Charles Rosner)

364 Masterpieces of Chinese Painting (W.Watson)

370 George Nelson & Associates (Mildred Constantine)

377 David Stone Martin (William B. McDonald)

386 Old New Years Cards (P. Clemens)

394 Verner Witting (Manuel Gasser)

398 Fernand Leger. Polychromatic Ceramic Sculptures (F. Stahly)

400 Three Italian Books (Leonardo Sinisgalli)

406 Wall Paintings by Snaker Charmers in Tanganyika (Maria Netter)

422 Book Review/Varia