Issue 47 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 47, 1953
Cover Image by Abram Games, London

Issue 47 of Graphis magazine features articles on Czechoslovak Advertising Art after the War, written by Maria Netter; Old Pictorial Peasant Art in Czechoslovakia, by A. Hruby; Ilias Ambrosiana: The Oldest Illustrated Secular Manuscript extant, by William B. McDonald; Pharmaceutical Advertising Design, by V. Trasoff; The House Organ and Public Relations, by P. Arthur; Swiss Soldier Stamps, by Willy Rotzler; and International Poster Competition, by Eric Ross. Artists profiled include Abram Games, written by Ronald Tritton; Alexander Steinlen: Children's Illustrations, by L. de Dardel; and Jiri Brdecka, by Manuel Gasser.


172 Czechoslovak Advertising Art after the War (Maria Netter)

182 Old Pictorial Peasant Art in Czechoslovakia (A. Hruby)

190 Ilias Ambrosiana. The Oldest Illustrated Secular Manuscript extant (William B. McDonald)

194Abram Games (Ronald Tritton)

206Pharmaceutical Advertising Design (V. Trasoff)

222 The House Organ and Public Relations (P.Arthur)

238Alexander Steinlen. Children’s Illustrations (L. de Dardel)

240Jiri Brdecka (Manuel Gasser)

244Swiss Soldier Stamps (Willy Rotzler)

246International Poster Competition (Eric Ross)

254Book Review