Issue 46 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 46, 1952
Cover Image by Yusaku Kamekura, Tokyo

In Issue 46 of Graphis, you'll find longer-format articles on Japanese Advertising Art, written by Georgine Oeri; Masters of the Japanese Colour Woodcut, by Willy Boller; Recent Air Travel Publicity, by Ch. Rosner; John Speed's England, by Paul Arthur; a profile of Erik Nitsche, by P.K. Thomajan; Contemporary Magazine Covers, by M. Netter; and Expressionism in Photography, by M. Foucault.


86Japanese Advertising Art (Georgine Oeri)

112Masters of the Japanese Colour Woodcut (Willy Boller)

124 Recent Air Travel Publicity (Ch. Rosner)

134John Speed’s England (Paul Arthur)

136Erik Nitsche (P.K. Thomajan)

144 Contemporary Magazine Covers (M. Netter)

156 Espressionism in Photography (M. Foucault)

169Book Review