Issue 44 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 44, 1952
Cover Image by André Fran√ßois, Paris

In Issue 44 of Graphis magazine, you'll find articles on Contemporary Bible Illustration, written by W. Sulser; Mosaic Pavements in Pompeii, by Arturo Stenico; Menus: Gastronomy and Modern Design, by Manuel Gasser; and The Earliest Printed European Books, by H. Th. Musper. In addition, artists profiled include Rene Gruau, written by Francois Stahly; Andre Francois, by Charles Rosner; Leo Lionni, by Georgine Oeri; Richard Erdoes, by F. Kraner; and Steven Sykes: An English Potter, by C.G. Tomrley.


448Contemporary Bible Illustration (W. Sulser)

455 Mosaic Pavements in Pompeii (Arturo Stenico)

464 Rene Gruau (Francois Stahly)

474 Andre Francois (Charles Rosner)

484 Leo Lionni (Georgine Oeri)

492 Richard Erdoes (F. Kraner)

500 Menus. Gastronomy and Modern Design (Manuel Gasser)

508The Earliest Printed European Books (H. Th. Musper)

516 Steven Sykes. An English Potter (C.G. Tomrley)

530Book Reviews