Issue 43 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 43, 1952
Cover Image by George Giusti, New York

Graphis magazine Issue 43 features the following articles: The Calendar as Goodwill Publicity, written by P. Arthur; Radio & Television – The Promotion of an Advertising Medium, by Georgine Oeri; The Letter as a Work of  Art, by Charles Rosner; Two Finnish Painters, by Annikki Toikka-Karvonen; and A Recently Discovered Drawing by Ingres, by Hans Naef. You'll find a wealth of artist profiles, including Henri Rousseau, written by Hans Naef; Gene & Helen Federico, by Paul Rand; Herve Moran, by William B. McDonald; Hans Neuburg, by Hans Fischli; Fritz Eichenberg, by George Amberg; Grandville, by Denys Chevalier; and Gustave Dore: Caricatures from his School Days, by Lucien de Dardel.


364 Henri Rousseau (Hans Naef)

374 The Calendar as Goodwill Publicity (P. Arthur)

384 Radio & Television – The Promotion of an Advertising Medium (Georgine Oeri)

394 Gene & Helen Federico (Paul Rand)

402Herve Moran (William B. McDonald)

406 Hans Neuburg (Hans Fischli)

412The Letter as a Work of Art (Charles Rosner)

418 Two Finnish Painters (Annikki Toikka-Karvonen)

422 Fritz Eichenberg (George Amberg)

427 Grandville (Denys Chevalier)

432Gustave Dore. Caricatures from his School Days (Lucien de Dardel)

438 A Recently Discovered Drawing by Ingres (Hans Naef)