Issue 42 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 42, 1952
Cover Image by Max Hunziker, Zurich

Issue 42 of Graphis magazine presents the following articles: Schweppes: Eloquent Enlightened Advertising, written by Paul Arthur; The Manesse Manuscript, by Prof. G.F. Hartlaub; Modern Labels, by Charles Rosner; Muba: Switzerland's Show-Window to the World, by Maria Netter; Inspirations for Printers: An American House Organ, by Georgine Oeri; and Christmas and New Year's Cards, by Jean Benonie. Artists profiled include Max Hunziker: Stained-Glass, written by Hans Kasser; Emett, by Eric Keown; and Renfro, by Georgine Oeri.


272 Max Hunziker. Stained-Glass (Hans Kasser)

284 Schweppes. Eloquent Enlightened Advertising (Paul Arthur)

292 Emett (Eric Keown)

302 Renfro (Georgine Oeri)

306 The Manesse Manuscript (Prof. G.F. Hartlaub)

318 Modern Labels (Charles Rosner)

330 Muba. Switzerland’s Show-Window to the World (Maria Netter)

336 Inspirations for Printers. An American House Organ (Georgine Oeri)

342 Christmas and New Year’s Cards (Jean Benonie)