Issue 41 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 41, 1952
Cover Image by Joseph Low, Morristown, New Jersey U.S.A

Graphis magazine Issue 41 features articles on Lees Flying Carpets, written by Phyllis Reay Condon; An Initial Alphabet of 1464, by Dr. Arnold Pfister; The White Turkeys, by Eric Ross; Quaint Cuts, by Ellic Howe; Lettering with Local Atmosphere, by P. Arthur; The Arms of Paris, by P. Arthur; and AGI-Alliance Graphique Internationale. Artists profiled include Joseph Low, written by Georgine Oeri; Zero, by L.P. Schreiber; Elie, by Francois Stahly; Sigmund Pollitzer, by William B. McDonald; Peynet: His Drawings for Publicity, by Bernard Champigneulle; Trier: Last Works, by Clair Stewart; and Leonardo da Vinci: Drawings, by Prof. L.H. Heydenrich.


186 Leonardo da Vinci. Drawings (Prof. L.H. Heydenrich)

202 Lees Flying Carpets (Phyllis Reay Condon)

208 Peynet. His Drawings for Publicity (Bernard Champigneulle)

214Joseph Low. (Georgine Oeri)

224 Zero. (L.P. Schreiber)

232 Trier. Last Works (Clair Stewart)

236 An Initial Alphabet of 1464 (Dr. Arnold Pfister)

240 The White Turkeys (Eric Ross)

242 Quaint Cuts (Ellic Howe)

250 Elie. (Francois Stahly)

255 Sigmund Pollitzer (William B. McDonald)

258 Lettering with Local Atmosphere (P.Arthur)

260 The Arms of Paris (P.A.)

262 AGI. Alliance Graphique Internationale