Issue 39 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 39, 1952
Cover Image by Olle Eksell, Stockholm

Issue 39 of Graphis magazine presents the following articles: Nationalised Advertising Art in France, written by Francois Stahly; Savignac Recent Posters, by Robert Guerin; The Upjohn Company: The Creation of an Advertising Character, by William B. McDonald; Indian Painting, by Basil Gray; Art of the Watermark, by Dr. Armin Renker; The Beginnings of Printed Graphic Art in Europe, by Dr. Arnold Pfister; Poster Advertising of a Daily, by Mildred Constantine; and Printed Furniture, by Gio Ponti. Artists profiled include Nathan, written by Charles Rosner; Ashley: Artist into Art Director, by Charles Rosner; and Manfred Reiss, by Basil Bard.


2 Nationalised Advertising Art in France (Francois Stahly)

12 Savignac Recent Posters (Robert Guerin)

20 Nathan. (Charles Rosner)

30 The Upjohn Company. The Creation of an Advertising Character (William B. McDonald)

36 Indian Painting (Basil Gray)

42 Ashley: Artist into Art Director (Charles Rosner)

52 Art of the Watermark (Dr. Armin Renker)

62 The Beginnings of Printed Graphic Art in Europe(Dr. Arnold Pfister)

72 Manfred Reiss (Basil Bard)

76 Poster Advertising of a Daily (Mildred Constantine)

78 Printed Furniture (Gio Ponti)