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ISSUE NO 38, 1951
Cover Image by a group of 9-14 years old Parisian children

Graphis magazine Issue 38 has articles on Children’s Collective Painting, written by Francois Stahly; Art Directors Club of New York, by Richard S. Chenault; Decoration & Design in Maps before 1700, by R.A. Skelton; Book Jackets in the United States, by G. Salter; Studio Boggeri, by Leonardo Sinisgalli; Alchemic Symbolism at the End of the Middle Ages, by Prof. G.F. Hartlaub; Triennale, by Francois Stahly; and Clothes Make the Picture, by Claude Favre. Artists profiled include Olle Eksell, written by Iwan W. Fischerstroml; and Jean Effel, by Manuel Gasser.


382 Children’s Collective Painting (Francois Stahly)

388 Art Directors Club of New York (Richard S. Chenault)

400 Decoration and Design in Maps before 1700 (R.A. Skelton)

414 Book Jackets in the United States (G. Salter)

422 Studio Boggeri (Leonardo Sinisgalli)

430 Olle Eksell (Iwan W. Fischerstrom)

438 Jean Effel (Manuel Gasser)

450 Alchemic Symbolism at the End of the Middle Ages (Prof. G.F. Hartlaub, Heidelberg)

458 Triennale (Francois Stahly)

462 Clothes Make the Picture (Claude Favre)

471 Book Review