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ISSUE NO 37, 1951
Cover Image: by F.H.K. Henrion, London

Issue 37 of Graphis magazine presents articles on Festival of Britain, written by Paul Reilly; F.H.K. Henrion, by Michael Middleton; International Window Display, by Walter Herdeg; Slavik, by Francois Stahly; Young French Cartoonists, by Claude Favre; Badia-Vilato, by Claude Favre; Aaron Siskind: "Abstract" Photography, by Georgine Oeri; Japanese Commercial Art, by Seikichi Waki; Breda: An Experiment in Exhibition Design, by Claudio Bianconi; Via Crucis: Anonymous Art of Our Own Day, by F. Stahly; Centro Internazionale delle Arti e del Costume, by Claudio Bianconi; Printer and Customer: A Change of Attitude 1851-1951, by Beatrice Warde; and Polish Book Covers.


294 Festival of Britain. (Paul Reilly)

314 F.H.K. Henrion. (Michael Middleton)

324 International Window Display (Walter Herdeg)

338 Slavik. (Francois Stahly)

342 Young French Cartoonists (Claude Favre)

351 Badia-Vilato (Claude Favre)

354 Aaron Siskind, “Abstract” Photography (Georgine Oeri)

358 Polish Book Covers

360 Japanese Commercial Art (Seikichi Waki)

368 Breda. An Experiment in Exhibition Design (Claudio Bianconi)

372Via Crucis. Anonymous Art of Our Own Day (F. Stahly)

375 Centro Internazionale delle Arti e del Costume. (Claudio Bianconi)

376 Printer and Customer: A Change of Attitute 1851-1951. (Beatrice Warde)

380 Personalia/Book Review

381 Bucherchronik