Issue 35 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 35, 1951
Cover Image: by Asger Jerrild, Copenhagen

The 35th issue of Graphis magazine includes stories on: Danish Commercial Art, written by Peter Olufsen; Swiss Posters in America, by Mildred Constantine; Printer’s Progress 1851-1951, by Charles Rosner; Munich Carnival Posters, by Friedemann Lichtwitz; Florescence and Decay of the Tattooer’s Art, by Jacques Delarue; and Textiles with Molecular Patterns, by William B. McDonald. Artists profiled include Grandma Moses & Morris Hirshfield, written by Francois Stahly; and Rut Bryke, by Sinikka Kallio-Visapaa.


104 Danish Commercial Art (Peter Olufsen)

144 Swiss Posters in America (Mildred Constantine)

151 Printer’s Progress 1851-1951(Charles Rosner)

163 Munich Carnival Posters (Friedemann Lichtwitz)

166 Grandma Moses/Morris Hirshfield (Francois Stahly)

176 Rut Bryke (Sinikka Kallio-Visapaa)

182 Florescence and Decay of the Tattooer’s Art (Jacques Delarue)

188 Textiles with Molecular Patterns (William B. McDonald)

196 Book Review