Issue 348 - Digital Version


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November / December 2003
Cover Image: Portrait of Tomi Ungerer by Luc Bérujean

In Issue 348 of Graphis magazine, you'll find the following stories: Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards; Tomi Ungerer: The Picasso of Caricature, by Thérèse Willer; Duffy: A Platinum Anniversary, by Warren Berger; Rivers and Mosaics: M.A.D is Branding IBM software, by Ken Coupland; Giménez: If it’s not beautiful, it cannot be functional, by Luis Grossman; Sandro: The Photographer’s Truths, by Alan Cohen; Design Within Reach: Show and Sell, by Chris Barnett; and Craig Frazier on The Illustrated Voice, by Petula Vrontikis.


7 Contributors

10 On Beyond Logos By Ken Coupland

13 Cuba Style Reviewed By Victor Margolin

Typographica Reviewed By John D. Berry

14 Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards 2002

18 Tomi Ungerer: The Picasso of Caricature By Thérèse Willer

Bursting with madcap creativity, Ungerer has spanned seemingly antinomian facets: children's books, commercial art, satirical and erotic drawings. Vivid to the point of provocation, his work has left an indelible mark on the world of graphic arts. Let's celebrate the wild imagination of this versatile maestro.

38 Duffy: A Platinum Anniversary By Warren Berger

In his easy manner, Joe Duffy shares a chicken-pot-pie and his take on the rift between advertising and design, then goes on to warm against using beauty pageants for logo design. Reflections on 20 years worth of award-winning corporate design.

58 Rivers and Mosaics: M.A.D is Branding IBM software By Ken Coupland

How do you develop a product identity in a rapidly changing market? Form a branding solution that can fully reveal itself over time, through multiple implementations.

64 Giménez: "If it's not beautiful, it cannot be functional" By Luis Grossman

Edgardo Giménez puts forth colored and joyful visions on postage stamps and buildings alike. Each piece demonstrates his obstinate commitment to utopian ideals in the face of a gray and chaotic Argentine society.

80 Sandro: The Photographer's Truths By Alan Cohen

Sandro's photography is an art/life dialectic with a powerful but restrained syntax, able to find and express that something is worth finding.

94 Design Within Reach: Show and Sell By Chris Barnett

Rob Forbes has unshakable confidence in the value of design. Through his startup that sells modern furniture direct, he constructs a success story using a thoughtful design strategy and a great respect for the customer's intelligence.

106 Craig Frazier on The Illustrated Voice By Petula Vrontikis

113 Photo Gallery