Issue 345 - Digital Version


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May / June 2003
Cover Image: Candle, Electric Shock, Cigarette, June 2001.

The 345th issue of Graphis magazine includes the following articles: San Francisco Olympic Bid Poster Campaign; Skolos Wedell: In Tandem, by Elizabeth Resnick; D’Arcy Beijing: Hot and Cold Advertising, by Nicole Hess; Henry Leutwyler: Up Close, by Amina Meer; Dugal Stermer & Brad Holland, Part I: Light to Dark; Dirk Rudolph: Extracting Gold from the Mud, by Grit Lederer; Serp I Molot; and Tapani Aartoma’s tattooed chairs.


7 Contributors

10 Dan Jonsson

12 Saving Grace By Véronique Vienne

16 San Francisco Olympic Bid Poster Campaign

San Francisco was the second city, ever, to court the Olympic bid with a design campaign. Mr. Rick Tharp and a dream team of twelve local designers produced a graphic manifesto on the city and its, then possible, future as the 2012 host.

20 Skolos Wedell: In Tandem By Elizabeth Resnick

Tom narrates the story; Nancy forms it into an accessible and unabashedly modernist graphic system. Content and structure are informed by teaching students to make meaningful work.

36 D'Arcy Beijing: Hot and Cold Advertising By Nicole Hess

D'Arcy uses public service advertising to throw down the gauntlet. Seasoned in global branding and rooted in heavy cultural heritage, they are poised to carve out new product categories, create brand leaders and lead advertising in China.

50 Henry Leutwyler: Up Close By Amina Meer

How does Henry Leutwyler make his portraits talk? The Swiss photographer uses his lens to free his subjects from their contexts and reveal what's in their soul.

66 Dugal Stermer & Brad Holland, Part I: Light to Dark

Renowned commentators and longtime friends Brad Holland and Dugald Stermer compare their approaches to the creative process, the relationship between art and illustration, and consider the past and future status of their profession.

84 Dirk Rudolph: Extracting Gold from the Mud By Grit Lederer

92 Serp I Molot

Serp I Molot's revival typeface by Tagir Safayev is based on the lettering of Sergei Chekhonin, the Russian artist of the 1910s-20s.

98 Tapani Aartoma's tattooed chairs

112 Hong Kong Comics Reviewed By Jane Harris

Reinventing the Wheel Reviewed By Ken Coupland