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January / February 2003
Cover Image: 
Portrait of Jonathan Barnbrook

Graphis magazine Issue 343 features the following articles: Design into Art, by Annette Weintraub; In a Continuous State of Becoming, by Véronique Vienne; Frames, by Guy Billout; Amster Yard: Bacardi’s Cuban Postcards Campaign; Descente’s Superhuman Olympic Suits, by Aric Chen; Imagination: The Branding of Experience, by Stuart I. Frolick; Yasuo Tanaka: Never Never Land, by Maggie Kinser Hohle; Carmichael Lynch: Soul Searching, by Warren Berger; Finn Nygaard; and Jonathan Barnbrook: A Typographer in Motion, by Peter Hall.


7 Contributors

10 Design into Art By Annette Weintraub

12 In a Continuous State of Becoming By Véronique Vienne

11 Frames By Guy Billout

14 Amster Yard: Bacardi's Cuban Postcards Campaign

18 Descente's Superhuman Olympic Suits By Aric Chen

22 Imagination: The Branding of Experience By Stuart I. Frolick

Is it live or is it Imagination? This UK-founded company forges indelible impressions for its clients by defining a new kind of immersive branding.

30 Yasuo Tanaka: Never Never Land By Maggie Kinser Hohle

Package designer and C.E.O. of Japan's Package and Land Yasuo Tanaka faces the recession, and addresses the polarization it has created in package design, and the extremes of his own creative endeavors.

50 Carmichael Lynch: Soul Searching By Warren Berger

Asking the choir for advice on how to preach? Minneapolis ad agency Carmichael Lynch delves into the devotion of faithful customers to find and bring the soul of its brands to life.

70 Finn Nygaard

72 Jonathan Barnbrook: A Typographer in Motion By Peter Hall

In the unforgettable words of John Lydon (a.k.a. Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols): "Anger is an energy." British typographer and fellow iconoclast Jonathon Barnbrook agrees—although taking on higher-paying projects and expanding his studio, Barnbrook is as angry now as when his career started.

92 Evil Doesn't Live Here Reviewed by Julie Lasky

Black + White Reviewed By Jane Harris

93 Obituaries

95 Student Work

97 Illustration Gallery