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November / December 2002
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Portrait photography                                                                                    by Karl Steinbrenner

In Issue 342 of Graphis magazine, you'll find the following stories: Commercial Accountability By Heidi T. Dangelmaier & David Aronstam; Entertainment Branding, by Anthony Vagnoni; Welcome to Color, by Karlssonwilker; Beauty, by James Victore; Underworld: London Subway Graphics, by Hugh Aldersley Williams; Work: An Agency Ready-to-Go, by N. Rain Noe; Motoko Hada’s Hand on Graphics, by Aric Chen; Michael Vanderbyl: Making It All Look Easy, by Christopher Mount; Torkil Gudnason: Living an Adventure, by Berit Anderson; Toshiyoki Kita: Returning to the Interior, by Maggie Kinser Saiki; Revisioning Visionaire, by Lyle Rexer; The Society of Illustrators: A Selection of the 44th Annual Awards Laureates; Mervyn Kurlansky: Icograda’s Masters of the 20th Century; and Italo Lupi.


10 Commercial Accountability By Heidi T. Dangelmaier & David Aronstam

12 Entertainment branding By Anthony Vagnoni

13 Welcome to Color By Karlssonwilker

11 Beauty By James Victore

14 Underworld: London Subway Graphics By Hugh Aldersley Williams

18 Work: An Agency Ready-to-Go By N. Rain Noe

30 Motoko Hada's Hand on Graphics By Aric Chen

46 Michael Vanderbyl: Making It All Look Easy By Christopher Mount

A great designer and educator at C.C.A.C. in California turns to the furniture design business.

66 Torkil Gudnason: Living an Adventure By Berit Anderson

The Danish photographer explores the edges of art, bringing untold dreams to fashion photography.

88 Toshiyoki Kita: Returning to the Interior By Maggie Kinser Saiki

One of the 12 Japanese Masters published in the eponymous Graphis book redefines the furniture business in a land where one must chose between minimalist tradition and cheap plastic products.

108 Revisioning Visionaire By Lyle Rexer

Visionaire has reinvented publishing with hand produced, limited editions that are neither book nor magazine nor art object, but all three. Happy 10th anniversary!

128 The Society of Illustrators: A Selection of the 44th Annual Awards Laureates

134 Mervyn Kurlansky: Icograda's Masters of the 20th Century

143 Italo Lupi

144 Skin Reviewed by Aric Chen

144 Soon: Brands of Tomorrow Reviewed by Michael Golec

145 Japanese By Yoko Minai, Typesetting by Ray Liu

149 Spanish By Rita Garcia

153 German By Heinke Jenssen

157 French By Caroline Droz, Charlotte Raholal; Margie Mounier for translations from French to English