Issue 341 - Digital Version


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September / October 2002
Cover Image:

Portrait of Makoto Saito
Photo by Yoshihiko Ueda
Art Direction by Makoto Saito

Issue 341 of Graphis magazine presents the following articles: Giles Dunn: Out of Kilter, by Alice Twemlow; Makoto Saito: The Image Maker, by Alan Weill; AlmapBBDO Brazil: Keep it Simple, by Claudia Penteado; design: mw "Sensibility Training," by Julie Lasky; Danese: A Tradition of Experimentation, by Virginio Briatore & Porzia Bergamasco; Jack Unruh: Quick on the Draw, by Stuart I. Frolick; Helmut Newton Revisited, by Michael Kaplan; The Dream Factor of Mid-Century American Ads, by Todd Alden; and A selection of work from Graphis’ New Talent Design Annual 2002.


6 Contributors

10 Design Nations By Erik Viskil

11 Dateline By Guy Billout

12 The art of looking sideways Reviewed by Julie Lasky

18 *S,C,P,...Spain BMW's "Love to drive?" campaign

24 Giles Dunn: Out of Kilter By Alice Twemlow

30 Makoto Saito: The Image Maker By Alan Weill

This playboy of design is a demanding artist who reinvigorated Japanese fashion branding with memorable posters that shock and provoke.

52 AlmapBBDO Brazil: Keep it Simple By Claudia Penteado

A profile of one of the hottest, award-winning ad agencies in Brazil, AlmapBBDO produces witty ads for a worldwide audience.

72 design: mw "Sensibility Training" By Julie Lasky

New York's desing: mw creates lush graphics that always bear an element of surprise

88 Danese: A Tradition of Experimentation By Virginio Briatore & Porzia Bergamasco

The history of Danese--with interviews of the founders--and an evaluation of their recent merger with Artemide that reaffirms their 50-year commitment to high-end product design.

102 Jack Unruh: Quick on the Draw By Stuart I. Frolick

An exciting draftsman and excellent caricaturist, Unruh works with subjects both real and imagined.

118 Helmut Newton Revisited By Michael Kaplan

Did you know this master of fashion photography is into landscapes these days? An in-depth conversation with 81 year-old Newton reveals his creative processes, inspiration and aspirations.

128 The Dream Factor of Mid-Century American Ads By Todd Alden

132 A selection of work from Graphis' New Talent Design Annual 2002

136 Osaka 2008 Olympic bid

141 Tadanori Yokoo: 116 Posters Reviewed by Victor Margolin

143 Kari Piippo

145 Japanese By Yoko Minai, Typesetting by Ray Liu

149 Spanish By Rita Garcia

153 German By Heinke Jenssen, Klaus Sticker

157 French By Caroline Droz, Charlotte Rahola; Margie Mounier for translations from French to English