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January / February 2002
Cover Image: 
Bruised Woman Photo by Robert Nettarp

Graphis magazine Issue 337 includes the following stories: Packaging Create: All of Life in a Box, by Maggie Kinser Saiki; The Martin Agency: A Classic Agency Evolves, by Warren Berger; Robert Nettart: Cruising for a Bruising, by Laetitia Wolff; Tupperware: Is the Party Over?, by Mel Byars & Laetitia Wolff; The Sum of His Parts: A Memoir of Richard Hess, by Stuart I. Frolick; Big magazine: What’s the Big Idea?, by Vance Lin; and Tomorrow’s Fonts Today, by Laetitia Wolff.


7 Contributors

10 The Art of Saying Nothing By Véronique Vienne

11 Sucker By Guy Billout

12 Back to the Future By Mike Hicks

14 Photographing in Cuba: Beyond the Buena Vista By Ken Shulman

18 Long May She Wave Reviewed by Todd Alden

24 The Flos ad campaign By Yanitza Tavarez

30 The Rocket Scientists By Catherine Noonan

36 Packaging Create: All of Life in a Box By Maggie Kinser Saiki

Lessons on the art of intuitive packaging by Osaka-based designer Akio Okumura.

58 The Martin Agency: A Classic Agency Evolves By Warren Berger

This Virginia-based firm helped launch a regional ad revolution. They're still breaking new ground.

82 Robert Nettart: Cruising for a Bruising By Laetitia Wolff

Swedish photographer and provocateur flirts with the other limits of fashion

88 Tupperware: Is the Party Over? By Mel Byars and Laetitia Wolff

With the recent passing of Morison Cousins, what's next for this household brand?

96 The Sum of His Parts: A Memoir of Richard Hess By Stuart I. Frolick

An homage to an illustrator who was equally accomplished in design and art direction.

118 Big magazine: What's the Big Idea? By Vance Lin

As a platform for art directors and photographers, Big's success has grown worldwide.

132 Tomorrow's Fonts Today By Laetitia Wolff

Digital type foundry and font resource, Lineto is an online workshop for typographers.

140 Philippe Apeloig

141 Irving Penn's Still Life Reviewed by Ken Coupland

141 O: Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio Reviewed by Michael Porciello

142 Directory of featured design studios, agencies and photographers

143 Obituaries

145 Japanese By Yoko Minai, Typesetting by Ray Liu

149 Spanish By Yanitzia Caetti, Rita Garcia

153 German By Heinke Jenssen

157 French By Caroline Droz