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November / December 2001
Cover Image: 
Balance poster for the 3rd Japan Industrial Design Conference, 1977

Issue 336 of Graphis magazine includes the following stories: Dialogue with George Campbell, President of Cooper Union School for the Advancement of Art & Science, by Linda Cooper-Bowen; Mitsuo Katsui: Channeling Ikizama, by Maggie Kinser Saiki; McKinney & Silver: Raleigh Redux, by Warren Berger; Robert Polidori: Rooms with a View, by Ken Coupland; Yacht Associates: Plain Sailing, by Hugh Aldersey-Williams; Carin Goldberg’s Variations on Book Design, by Ellen Lupton; The Graphic Inferno of Davor Vrankic, by Laurent Danchin; and Islamic Calligraphy: Music for the Eyes, by Ken Shulman.


6 Contributors

10 Elseware By Catherine Noonan

14 Mennonites: A Biographical Sketch Reviewed by Iana Simeonov

16 Dialogue with George Campbell, President of Cooper Union School for the Advancement of Art & Science By Linda Cooper-Bowen

18 Mitsuo Katsui: Channeling Ikizama By Maggie Kinser Saiki

Katsui, an early pioneer of computer-aided graphics, remains a master of abstract expressionism in graphic design.

34 McKinney & Silver: Raleigh Redux By Warren Berger

Known for their ads promoting the beauty of North Carolina, McKinney & Silver is on the rebound with a new creative director and a renewed sense of mission.

48 Robert Polidori: Rooms with a View By Ken Coupland

Lauded for his architectural photography, Polidori is gaining recognition from the art world for his personal work as well.

62 Yacht Associates: Plain Sailing By Hugh Aldersey-Williams

In the vanguard of London-based designers, Yacht displays their considerable talent and wit through CD packaging, online design and 3-dimensional artifacts.

74 Carin Goldberg's Variations on Book Design By Ellen Lupton

With a nimble sense of humor and a knack for the beautiful, Goldberg survived the ‘80s and fearlessly navigated the ‘90s. What's next for this master of book design?

84 The Graphic Inferno of Davor Vrankic By Laurent Danchin

A virtuoso of pencil drawing, Davor Vrankic is a Croatian artist reinventing figurative art in the 21st century.

90 Islamic Calligraphy: Music for the Eyes By Ken Shulman

94 Gill on Gill

103 Sion Cemetery Reviewed by Lyle Rexer

103 Dawid Reviewed by Jack Crager

104 Jean-Francois Porchez: Inventing a Daily Typeface for Le Monde

108 Dialogue with Gillian Crampton Smith, Executive Director of Interaction Design Institute Ivrea By Virginio Briatore

113 German By Heinke Jenssen

129 French By Caroline Droz, Solange Schnall

146 Oh Boy, A Design Company: The Paper Chase By Claire Sykes

152 Slavimir Stojanovic: Beauty and the Beast By Lazar Dzamic