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March / April 2001
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by Diego Uchitel
Client: Saks Fifth Avenue

In Graphis magazine Issue 332, you'll find the following stories: TBWA Hunt Lascaris: Advertising in South Africa, by Warren Berger; Anthon Beeke: Enfant Terrible, by Tracy Metz; Zipatoni: The Art of Architectural Recycling, by Jack Crager; Diego Uchitel: Full Circle, by Catherine Noonan; Alan Magee: Works and Days, by Sean Kernan; Nicholas Callaway, by Mark Holborn; Mitteleuropa Modern, by Michael Webb; and Sommese Design’s Recipe for Success, by Maggie Kinser Saiki.


4 Letter from the Editor

6 Contributors

10 Maeda@Media vs. Life Style By Ken Coupland

10 Made in California By Iana Simeonov

11 Fresh Cream By Iana Simeonov

11 The Apparitions By Andrea Birnbaum

13 The End of Corporate Identity By Hugh Aldersey-Williams

14 Consumer Products By Yanitza Tavarez

16 TBWA Hunt Lascaris: Advertising in South Africa By Warren Berger
During the years of South Africa's apartheid, this local ad-agency not only managed to produce great work, they became an instrument for social change.

32 Anthon Beeke: Enfant Terrible By Tracy Metz
Hailing from one of the most liberal minded countries in the world, this Dutch designer creates images that spark excitement, disgust and most of all, controversy.

46 Zipatoni: The Art of Architectural Recycling By Jack Crager
An office with no dress code and few rules, Zipatoni's unconventional workspace conveys a simple message: It's okay to be different, as long as you get the job done.

54 Diego Uchitel: Full Circle By Catherine Noonan
This Argentine photographer consistently captures that ineffable quality which eludes most denizens of fashion today--that fleeting muse called Beauty.

66 Alan Magee: Works and Days By Sean Kernan
Looking at Magee's work begins with its immense physical presence and ends somewhere else, in a charged silence. The intervening journey is full of rewards.

78 Nicholas Callaway By Mark Holborn
Publisher of some of the most spectacular books of the past two decades, Graphis sits down with Callaway to discover how he keeps doing it and doing it so well.

86 Mitteleuropa Modern By Michael Webb
Encompassing three current museum exhibitions and the birth of Modernism in Central Europe, Michael Webb pays homage to the creativity from which it began.

96 Sommese Design's Recipe for Success By Maggie Kinser Saiki
As professors of design and as practitioners, Lanny and Kristin Sommese propel their students to the top of the profession with some surprisingly simple advice.

113 German By Heinke Jenssen

129 French By Caroline Droz, Solange Schnall, Thérèse Forbes-Jaeger

146 Scandinavian Design Group Graphic Design/Norway By Heinke Jenssen

150 Factor Design Graphic Design/USA By Ken Coupland

154 Black Pencil Graphic Design/Denmark By Heinke Jenssen