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January / February 2001
Cover Image:
Photograph by Hugh Kretschmer                                                                by Milton Glaser

Graphis magazine Issue 331 includes the following articles: Frost Design: Listen Quietly Say It Loud, by Rick Poynor; Curiosity: More Than Satisfied, by Maggie Kinser-Saiki; Peggy Sirota: Keeps 'Em Guessing, by Ken Coupland; KesselsKramer: Be Daring or Invisible, by Tracy Metz; The Design Art of Nicos Zographos, by Peter Bradford; Peter Krämer: A Passion for Detail, by Herbert Lechner; Milton Glaser and Tom Wolfe: In Conversation; and Rialto.


4 Editorial

6 Contributors

10 Photographs by Snowden: A Retrospective Reviewed by Iana Simeonov

10 China: The Photographs of Lois Conner Reviewed by Andrea Birnbaum

11 “La Divine Comtesse”: Photographs of the Countess de Castiglione Reviewed by Lyle Rexer

11 Edward Fella: Letters on America vs. Faces Reviewed by Ken Coupland

14 Frost Design: Listen Quietly Say It Loud By Rick Poynor
This leading UK design firm—responsible for, among others, the art direction and design of Big magazine—discusses the trends that have driven them to success.

30 Curiosity: More Than Satisfied By Maggie Kinser-Saiki
Having completed four stores for Issey Miyake and a healthy assortment of products in just under two years, this Tokyo design duo is on a fast track with fresh inspiration.

42 Peggy Sirota: Keeps ‘Em Guessing By Ken Coupland
Guess Who, Sirota’s new book of lauded celebrity portraits—part anagram, part disguise—peals back the vaunted sky of Hollywood to reveal its human stars.

58 KesselsKramer: Be Daring or Invisible By Tracy Metz
In the heart of Netherlands, this guerrilla-style ad agency has earned a spot at the top by going the other route in search of advertising’s version of redemption.

74 The Design Art of Nicos Zographos By Peter Bradford
Seven years in the making, The Design Art of Nico Zographos was finally published. Peter Bradford, the author/designer, walks us through his monumental labor of love.

80 Peter Krämer: A Passion for Detail By Herbert Lechner
Hyper-realist and champion of the everyday, Krämer’s intricate illustrations reveal the wealth of all things small in the world that surrounds us.

96 Milton Glaser and Tom Wolfe: In Conversation In a compelling dialogue, Milton Glaser and author Tom Wolfe discuss the nature of Art and its role in design, in celebration of Glaser’s new book Art is Work.

106 Rialto Giovanni de Faccio and Lui Karner, of the Austrian firm dType, created a typeface combining the functionality of Roman letters and the elegance of Italic.

113 German By Heinke Jenssen

129 French By Caroline Droz, Solange Schnall, Thérèse Forbes-Jaeger

146 Pini Leibovitz

152 Blue Lounge Design