Issue 330 - Digital Version


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The 330th issue of Graphis magazine contains the following articles: Burdick Group: Protecting Fertile Ground, by Ken Coupland; Rolf Jansson: An Unending Riddle, by Bjorn Benkow; Rodney Smith: Breaking the Surface, by Fran J. Oswald; Crispin Porter & Bogusky: "Truth" in Advertising; Sam Smidt: Design for Living, by Michael Kaplan; and Eiko Ishioka, by Linda Cooper Brown.


4 Letter from the Editor

6 Contributors

10 Atget Reviewed by Iana Simeonov

10 Runway vs. Screen Tests, Portraits, Nudes 1964-1996 Reviewed by Ken Coupland

12 Sights Once Seen Reviewed by Lyle Rexer

12 Sex Appeal vs. Graphic Design & Reading Reviewed by Vance Lin

15 MacWorld convention 2000 By Dick Claderhead

19 Consumer Products By Yanitza Tavarez

24 Burdick Group: Protecting Fertile Ground By Ken Coupland

Nestled away in their Sea Ranch abode, the now-retired Burdicks discuss their experiences with interior and product design and explore the prospects for the future.

46 Rolf Jansson: An Unending Riddle By Bjorn Benkow

Yearning to stretch beyond the confines of Norway, Jansson searches for inspiration, innovation and illustration, all from the comfort of his home.

58 Rodney Smith: Breaking the Surface By Fran J. Oswald
Abandoning his family's fashion-industry affiliations, Rodney Smith left to study theology before returning full-circle as a classic fashion photographer.

72 Crispin Porter & Bogusky: "Truth" in Advertising
This small Miami ad-firm broke the mold with its anti-smoking "Truth" campaign. Now the agency is poised to take this country by storm.

90 Eiko Ishioka By Linda Cooper Brown
Her phenomenal costume designs have appeared in Hollywood blockbusters such as Dracula and most recently, The Cell. For this issue, Eiko takes time out from her bus schedule and talks about her success with Graphis.

96 Sam Smidt: Design for Living By Michael Kaplan

After a near-fatal heart attack in '68, Smidt faced the reality of his profession and realized that designing-for-money was, in the long run, not what mattered at all.

113 German By Heinke Jenssen

129 French By Caroline Droz, Solange Schnall, Thérèse Forbes-Jaeger

146 Liu Kai Poster Design By Maggie Kinser Saiki

156 Inox Graphic Design By Heinke Jenssen