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ISSUE NO 33, 1950
Cover Image: by Carlo Dinelli, Milan

Issue 33 of Graphis magazine includes the following articles: Indian Playing Cards, written by R.V. Leyden; The Small Devotional Picture, by Wilhelm Sulser; Persian Textile Art, by Phyllis Ackerman; Commercial Art in Italy, by Carlo Dinelli; A Forerunner of Surrealism in the 17th century, by Bernard Champigneulle; and Variations on St. George, by Paul Bender. Artist profiles include Irving Penn, written by Jonathan Tichenor & Irving Penn; Erni: New Posters, by Georgine Oeri; Jean Midolle: Two Alphabets, by Jan A. Begeer; and D. Biagio & Costantino Santerini, by Claudio Bianconi.


386 Indian Playing Cards (R.V. Leyden)

396Irving Penn. (Jonathan Tichenor/Irving Penn)

406 The Small Devotional Picture (Wilhelm Sulser)

414Persian Textile Art (Phyllis Ackerman)

426 Commercial Art in Italy (Carlo Dinelli)

452 Erni. New Posters (Georgine Oeri)

458 A Forerunner of Surrealism in the 17th century (Bernard Champigneulle)

462 Jean Midolle. Two Alphabets (Jan A. Begeer)

466 D. Biagio & Costantino Santerini (Claudio Bianconi)

468 Variations on St. George (Paul Bender)

474 Book Review

475 Miscellaneous, Bucherchronik