Issue 328 - Digital Version


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Graphis magazine Issue 328 presents the following stories: Bianco & Cucco’s Very Particular Energy, by Andrea Lee; Mark Hess: In His Own Right, by Stuart Frolick; BlackDog: Making His Marks, by Hans Kaspar von Schönfels; Rejuvenating Ravenwood, by Ken Coupland; and Arnold Schwartzman, by Jack Crager.


4 Editorial

8 Contributors

12 Peter Halley: Maintain Speed Reviewed by Lyle Rexer

12 The 100th Show vs. Trigger Reviewed by Ken Coupland

14 66/99: An American Road Trip Reviewed by Vance Lin

14 Women Reviewed by Catherine Noonan

16 The Design Business, Education and Preparing for the Future

20 Consumer Products

30 Bianco & Cucco's Very Particular Energy By Andrea Lee
This volatile pair performs art directing alchemy by using edgy imagery, unapologetic commercialism and a jetsetting, seize-the-moment attitude.

40 Mark Hess: In His Own Right By Stuart Frolick
Inheriting his father's mantle, Mark Hess emerges as a top-notch illustrator in an increasingly difficult profession.

56 BlackDog: Making His Marks By Hans Kaspar von Schönfels
These German giants materialize campaigns out of this air, boost profits worldwide, and elevate their company to 17th in Germany for total billings.

72 Rejuvenating Ravenwood By Ken Coupland
Mark Fox, the maverick behind BlackDog design, makes designing the perfect logo his primary mission.

84 Arnold Schwartzman By Jack Crager
Initially planned as a quaint getaway spot, Jim Brandenburg's cabin in the woods has become an architectural showcase.

92 Arnold Newman

102 German By Heinke Jenssen

113 French By Caroline Droz

129 Tyler Blik Design Graphic Design

146 Garcia Balza Interior/Graphic Design