Issue 326 - Digital Version


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Issue 326 of Graphis magazine presents the following articles: Andrea Modica: Coming Into the Picture, by Lyle Rexer; Matteo Thun and the Death of Design, by Andrea Lee; Sandstrom: Almost Threatening, by Fred Moody; Michael Nash: The Two-in-one Firm, by Hugh Aldersey-Williams; Gyro: In the Eye of the Storm, by Warren Berger; James McMullan: Peopling Posters, by Mel Gussow; Peter Greenaway: Against the Tyranny of Cinema; and Frank Zachary, by Véronique Vienne.


4 Editorial

6 Contributors

10 The Book on the Bookshelf Reviewed by Phil Presby

10 Fotografiks Reviewed by Ken Coupland

12 Beyond the Abstract Cabinet Reviewed by Lyle Rexer

12 Tihany Design Reviewed by Jamie Reynolds

14 Found Image: In Praise of the Imperfect By Rick Poynor

16 Report from the AIGA By Véronique Vienne

18 Consumer Products By Yanitza Tavarez

26 Andrea Modica: Coming Into the Picture
Haunting and homey at the same time, Modica's platinum print photographs take us to one of the most conflicted places we can know: the personal. By Lyle Rexer

38 Matteo Thun and the Death of Design
Architect/designer Matteo Thun has a lot going for him, and for us he has an eerie prediction for the future of design. By Andrea Lee

46 Sandstrom: Almost Threatening
Being small gives this Portland firm room to be in your face. Match their little scale with their big success and you get a whole new set of challenges. By Fred Moody

62 Michael Nash: The Two-in-one Firm
A couple of British designers who also happen to be couple, Anthony Michael and Stephanie Nash practice in a high-fashion state of mind. By Hugh Aldersey-Williams

74 Gyro: In the Eye of the Storm
This Philadelphia ad agency is where political correctness goes to die. Calling the shots is the admired, loathed and controversy-loving Steven Grasse. By Warren Berger

84 James McMullan: Peopling Posters
As his posters for the Lincoln Center Theater illustrate so well, McMullan knows how to literally draw people in. By Mel Gussow

96 Peter Greenaway: Against the Tyranny of Cinema

104 Frank Zachary By Véronique Vienne

110 Type Directors Club

110 Art Directors Club

111 German By Heinke Jenssen

129 French By Caroline Droz

146 D.B. Dowd Illustrator/Printmaker

150 IDSA Designs of the Decade

154 Sadik Karamsutafa Poster Designer

156 Eva Zeisel Product/Furniture Designer