Issue 325 - Digital Version


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November / December 2000
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Photo: Koji Ysukochi                                                                                    by Kazumasa Nagai

The 325th issue of Graphis magazine contains the following articles: Kazumasa Nagai’s Wilderness, by Maggie Kinser Saiki; Geof Kern and the Spaces In Between, by Dick J. Reavis; Del Terrelonge: Creating an Alternate Universe, by Kalyani Vittala; Gavino Sanna: The Shootist, by Nicole Bullock; Cahan & Associates: The Defibrillators, by Ken Coupland; Randall Wilson: The Mentor, by Stuart I. Frolick; Kalle Lasn: Ad Buster, by Rick Poynor; and Matthew Carter: Man of Letters, by Ken Shulman.


4 Editorial

7 Contributors

10 Diego Rivera Reviewed by Peter Jaskowiak

10 Crimes of War Reviewed by Lyle Rexer

11 Op Art By Brad Holland

12 The New (Visual) Journalism By Rick Poynor

13 Consumer Products By Yantiza Tavarez

16 Kazumasa Nagai's Wilderness
As head of the Nippon Design Center and one of the world's leading designers, the Japanese graphic master manages to be both the center of a crowd and utterly alone. By Maggie Kinser Saiki

28 Geof Kern and the Spaces In Between
Adamantly refusing to be pigeonholed, Geof Kern manages to escape every definition except one: great photographer. By Dick J. Reavis

40 Del Terrelonge: Creating an Alternate Universe
Busting through all the barriers set before him, Terrelonge's design work has bounded into print, onto the web and into every facet of his new holistically-designed hotel in Toronto. By Kalyani Vittala

54 Gavino Sanna: The Shootist
In Italian advertising, he may not end up being the last man standing, but Sanna is still working to ensure that his exit--like the rest of his career--is a subtle blaze of glory. By Nicole Bullock

72 Cahan & Associates: The Defibrillators
To Say Bill Chan's San Francisco design company does things a little differently is an understatement. But what would you expect from the firm that has electrified and glamorized the once-stodgy field of annual reports? By Ken Coupland

88 Randall Wilson: The Mentor
Drawing on influences as diverse as Apache art and Elvis Presley, Wilson's SCI-Arc workshops are free-spirited work in progress featuring the adventure-of-doing. By Stuart I. Frolick

96 Kalle Lasn: Ad Buster By Rick Poynor

102 Matthew Carter: Man of Letters By Ken Shulman

108 Type Directors Club

108 Art Directors Club

109 Global Report

111 Passings

113 German By Hainke Jenssen

129 French By Caroline Droz

146 Heikki Orvola Glassware Design

150 Helmut Brade Poster Design

154 Au Gloppen Book Design